Vocal & Large Ensemble

E: Clipse tenor sax concerto (2012)

Escher Keys bassoon concerto (2021)

Fanfare orchestra (2003)

Four Modes: impetUS for percussion ensemble (2019)

Galatea’s Dream pastiche song cycle (2021/2023)

Lonesome Sky for mixed choir (2019)

mirar (2001) soprano, flutes, cello and two percussionists (2001)

Mirror, Mirror for soprano and piano (2019)

One Voice, mezzo and viola (2016)

Secret Sky, orchestra, commissioned by Baroque on Beaver (2017) and arranged for wind band and double string quartet (2019)

Sky-born mixed choir (2016)

The Clockmaker’s Doll for mezzo and alto sax (2018)

The Devil’s Dream (in progress), a chamber one-act opera (2024)

Vocalis e soprano, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion (2006)

White Ash for mezzo and bassoon (2019)

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