“Ringing Lung”

Longtime friend and artist extraordinaire, Anne Austin Pearce’s work shouts breath to me.  From the lower end of the piece, lungs come to mind, slightly imbalanced to represent the registers of the flute and clarinet expanding at different speeds through swells of inhalation and exhalation.

The pink line represents to triplet idea emerging and we will eventually get to the chromatic runs (blurring lines as you move to the top of the artwork) that will take us back to the meditative start, though switched with modified parts.  The flute and clarinet have a wonderful ability to swap acoustical worlds which I hope to exploit.

After a slow introduction intended to mimic the sound of breath, “Lion’s breath” gradually emerges and develops with more blurring between the instrumental timbres.  Finally, a return to calmness and, eventually, shavasana.

Pranayama (from yoga) where Prana refers to the universal life force and ayama means to regulate or lengthen.

(cue to 30:53)