Folium was originally commissioned by Luisa Sello for viola and audience featuring Michael Hall.  The piece quickly emerged into three iterations: Folium – prime, Folium – squared for flute and cello and Folium – cubed for soprano sax.  All three pieces in series were inspired by a poem by Luisa Sello.  We both share a love for poetry and music.  “Let Clover be Aid” is Luisa’s only poem in English.

While each piece can be performed separately, all three pieces in the series reflect a similar concept.  The inspiration for the pieces is derived from a clover leaf, to include both the biological form as well as the geometrical equation representing the “infinite.”


Folium – prime: 6 minutes with video prompts, (to add text reading + 3 minutes), premiered in February 2015 by Michael Hall.

Folium – squared: 4 minutes, premiered in March 2015 by Luisa Sello and Alvin Wong.  Performed below by Zendra White and Paul Christopher (2020).

Folium – cubed: 5 minutes, premiered June 2015 by Zach Shemon.

Folium – four: 6 minutes,  premiered January 2016 for Luisa Sello and string orchestra.

Any of parts of the series can be re-orchestrated for any instrument.