Catalog (chronological)

PDF of Complete List of Works

Listed chronologically

The Devil’s Dream (in progress), a chamber one-act opera (2024)

Rhythmic Mosaics for violin and pierrot ensemble plus percussion (2022)

Swansongs for cello and piano duet (2022)

Interlude Influenza for prepared piano (2021)

Pranayama for flute and clarinet (2021)

Escher Keys a bassoon concerto (2021)

Galatea’s Dream a pastiche song cycle (2021/2023)

Fight||Flight for brass quintet (2020)

Snowball for solo trumpet (2020)

Four modes: impetUS (2019)

Lonesome Sky for mixed choir (2019)

Mirror, Mirror for soprano and piano (2019)

Secret Sky for orchestra (2017), for wind ensemble (2019)

White Ash for mezzo and Bassoon (2019)

The Clockmaker’s Doll (2018)

Blackbird for string quartet, in collaboration with dance and film (2016)

One Voice mezzo and viola (2016)

Preludes for piano solo (2016)

Shimmer for harpsichord and live electronics (2016)

Snowball for trumpet and/or trumpet duo (2021/2024)

Sky-born for mixed choir (2016)

Folium mixed instrumentation (2015)

Flone flute solo (2014)

Scape)d for solo trombone (2014)

Spark for trombone and piano duo (2014)

Moments for clarinet, viola and piano (2013)

E: Clipse tenor sax concerto (2012)

Canopy viola and CD (2011)

Map of Rain Hitting Water percussion, video and CD (2006/2011)

E: Vespers flute, a-clarinet, piano with video and electronics triggered by MAX (2010)

Mulberry Song bass clarinet and CD (2010)

E:Tip cello, video and CD (2009)

ArtSounds coCODEde, interdisciplinary collaboration (2007)

D(u)o piano duo (2006)
I. Lullaby piano duo (2005)
II. For 4 piano duo (2004)
III. Hands piano duet (2006)

Vocalis e soprano, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion (2006)

Duet for Solo Trombone solo trombone (2005)

Fountain video and sound installation (2005)

Araby brass quintet (2003)

Fanfare orchestra (2003)

Ixion’s Wheel solo bass (2002)

mirar soprano, flutes, cello and two percussionists (2001)

Plumb for sax quartet (1999)

Five Piano Etudes piano solo (1998)

November 3rd bass and piano (1999)

Fish Gotta Fly clarinet and piano (1997)

Lake Paran’s Secret cello duo (1996)

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