Canopy sample

Commissioned by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, premiered by Michael Hall.

CANOPY was inspired by Ferment, the recent Kansas City Roxy Paine installation at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  The piece premiered in April 2011 by Michael Hall in conjunction with the unveiling of the new Paine sculpture titled FERMENT.  Paine’s outdoor installations blend landscape and architecture. Through the morphed neuron and tree imagery, the sculptural forms become a simulacrum of what we see outside in nature, and what we know about what we see in nature, between the real and the imaginary. The form of Ferment inspired the structure of CANOPY, highlighting the interconnections of seemingly opposing parts.

Duration: 13 minutes

Buy download here and read reviews: chamber Music Today review and I Care If You Listen.

“Gibson’s Canopy performed by Michael Hall coupled hypnotic electronic sounds with attractive music for viola.”  American Viola Society 


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