“Mara Gibson is a composer possessing inexhaustible imagination, sensitivity, and collaborative spirit. Her composition for us, The Clockmaker’s Doll, is an integral part of our touring theatrical recital Black Meridian; we simply cannot imagine that program without Mara’s emotionally powerful contribution. She is a generous asset and ally to any institution, partnership, commission, colleague, student, performer, friend, or organization associated with her.” -Megan Ihnen & Alan Theisen present…

Spring break!

Spring break means lots of new projects for composer me!  This week, I am thrilled to begin pieces for Megan Ihnen (to complete the song cycle with a setting Manual of Trains by Rebecca Morgan Frank), a bassoon concerto for my forever friend and colleague, Darrel Hale and possibly even some preliminary notes for Atlantic Brass Quintet.

In the meantime, check out Four Modes: impetUS premiered by Hamiruge, and led by another awesome colleague, Brett Dietz.