“Mara Gibson is a composer possessing inexhaustible imagination, sensitivity, and collaborative spirit. Her composition for us, The Clockmaker’s Doll, is an integral part of our touring theatrical recital Black Meridian; we simply cannot imagine that program without Mara’s emotionally powerful contribution. She is a generous asset and ally to any institution, partnership, commission, colleague, student, performer, friend, or organization associated with her.” -Megan Ihnen & Alan Theisen present…

Spring break!

Spring break means lots of new projects for composer me!  This week, I am thrilled to begin pieces for Megan Ihnen (to complete the song cycle with a setting Manual of Trains by Rebecca Morgan Frank), a bassoon concerto for my forever friend and colleague, Darrel Hale and possibly even some preliminary notes for Atlantic Brass Quintet.

In the meantime, check out Four Modes: impetUS premiered by Hamiruge, and led by another awesome colleague, Brett Dietz.

Progress on upcoming projects:

  1. a new piece been brewing since summer for Hamiruge Percussion Ensemble with my colleague Brett Dietz (for wood, metal and drum set)
  2. a duo for mezzo and bassoon (an under utilized instrumentation) inspired by the poetry of Rebecca Morgan Frank for Darrel Hale and Megan Ihnen,
  3. and some mysterious explorations into black holes (more info about that coming soon).
  4. In the meantime, I will leave you with this wonderful recording of my first ever performance at a pirate bar this past June as a part of Charlotte New Music Festival featuring the fantastic Beo String Quartet.