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Feb 5 15

February 26, 27 and 28 Folium will premiere in Vienna, Austria, and Tolmezzo & Udine, Italy.

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Udine concert series

Part of my new pocket piece series the first of which will premiere for viola and audience with Michael Hall.

Jan 15 15

Moments selected for Winter Mixtape on “I Care If You Listen”

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Available for download here

Jan 9 15

Register for Comp Workshop 2015

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Details here

Dec 5 14

Folium underway

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Today I started a new series is called Folium (inspired by Luisa Sello’s poem “Let Clover be Aid”).  I met all of the performers/collaborators for this new project through through my fantastic friends/colleagues, Chen Yi and Narong Prangcharoen.

The first piece of the series is composed for Michael Hall (viola) and audience to be premiered in Italy this February.  This will be the third piece that we have collaborated together on in recent years (check out Canopy + Moments).

Next, the second part to the series will include a strings + flute duo for Alvin Wong and Luisa Sello to premiere in March in Vienna.  I have worked with Alvin and Luisa both on solo pieces.  Luisa commissioned me last year (Flone) and Alvin is recording E: Tip for my upcoming CD of recent chamber works that will be released spring 2015.

Eventually, there will be a third component to this project, for viola and cello and high wind/flute (for Luisa), perhaps also open to a non-western instrument doubling (for Jun Qian whom I had the opportunity to meet last spring through Chen Yi). Ultimately, this will be combined with a fixed media part along with the first two parts.  I continue to be  enamored by the idea of gathering friends/spirits to produce a truly collaborative work that joins a creative sphere with heart.  I am grateful to be connected to so many generous and creative spirits in this realm.

Generally, the idea for all three sections reflects a clover leaf — that is, to include the biological form as well as a geometric equation, representing the “infinite.” Each part will be titled: Folium I (viola and audience), Folium 2  -squared (cello/flute), Folium 3 – cubed (fixed media – open/live instrumentation).

Ideally, all three pieces will be mixed into a larger fixed media + instrument piece.  The working title for the series is Folium and each section will be 3-5 minutes.

Nov 15 14

E: clipse(d) performance recording

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UMKC Wind Symphony led by Steve Davis, featuring Nicholas Lira available now on sound cloud.

Nov 5 14

Making music

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UMKC Composition colleagues

UMKC composition colleagues, Musica Nova 2014










Honored to teach and make music alongside Jim Mobberley, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Paul Rudy and Reynold Simpson.



Sep 28 14

OctoberWorks: upcoming events

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Flone, Musica Nova, UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, 7:30 pm.


Map of Rain Hitting Water, Art in the Loop,
Prairie Logic, 7:00 pm.


E: Clipse, Conservatory Wind Symphony,
UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, 7:30 pm.


College Music Society (CMS), 2014 National Conference, panel participation, “Confluences: Integrating Music into an Interdisciplinary General Education Curriculum,” 10-10:55 am and poster session “MUSE: A Collaborative Approach to an Interdisciplinary Experience Course,” 2-2:55 pm.
Jul 30 14

Digital release of Moments now available

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check it out here

Jul 1 14

Wonderful week at TICF

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Honored to be a part of the Thailand International Composition Festival for the fifth year, alongside many of my longstanding inspirations like Augusta Read Thomas and Bernard Rands, and colleague, TICF founder/artistic director Narong Prangcharoen, as well as many others.  The TICF/UMKC exchange has now reached 10 Thai and 12 UMKC composition students.  Thank you Mahidol University for hosting all of us again this year.  It was a special treat to have both E: Tip and Flone performed as a part of this year’s festival featuring Alvin Wong and Luisa Sello.  Looking forward to more music sharing in the future!

TICF 2014

Jul 1 14

UMKC Composition Workshop 2014

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Another huge success.  Read all about it here

UMKC Composition Workshop 2014

UMKC Composition Workshop 2014